Look in the face at what you are most afraid of, and decide which one is going to win – it or your desires.

Even if your fear is terrifying, it is never a good reason to abandon your dreams. You should acknowledge that there is always something you could do to make it better, right? Just plan for ways to deal with it, and remember, it is just a possibility.

And once you have done it, concentrate and focus your efforts in the other possibilities. Those that bear the fruit of your passion, of your joy, of your fulfillment. What is your best case scenario? And then, also plan for it.

The good news is that you’re on your path for a reason.

The world doesn’t need more people waiting to at the end of the day to numb themselves with alcohol or TV or shopping.

We need you to fulfill your purpose and become truly alive.

So challenge those voices of “reason” inside your head. Plan for how you are going to get out of your worst-case scenario and how you are going to conquer your best-case scenario.
And no matter what, never stop believing in yourself, because regardless of what anyone says, you can live the life of your dreams.