At True-me® Breakthrough Coaching, we believe that all people deserve to live an empowered and happy life, filled with achievements and personal growth. That orientation has driven us to dedicate ourselves to supporting all who wish to reach their higher potential. And it is the same purpose that led us to design the program of True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy.

The reason this information has reached you might be that you are looking for the next step in your life, as well as becoming more self-confident, more abundant, gain greater personal freedom and feel empowered. Coaching is a career that can fulfill these goals and more. And while it is true that a few years ago becoming a professional coach was not exactly a popular choice, this trend has now been eliminated and more and more people are following this path around the world.

Coaching is a continuous, cooperative, result-oriented relationship between coach and client, designed to help people move from where they are today to where they want to be. Because the focus of the effort is to move forward without being stuck in the past, more and more people are hiring a Coach at every stage of their lives: whether they want to move on with their studies, start dynamically their adult life, make a career change, transition to a new business, reassess options, clarify values, or simply create more harmony in their personal or professional relationships.

A Coach’s role is to firmly hold the vision of a desired outcome, even when the client’s current circumstances do not yet show positive evidence of it.


A Coach interacts with their clients from a place where he/she understands their abilities and helps them to see with clarity everything that is happening – even seemingly obstacles and difficulties – as necessary steps towards achieving their goals.

That’s why the greatest gift a Coach can offer is the gift of an objective and wider perspective.

In the times we live, with the everyday, numerous and demanding situations happening in our life, it is easy to get disoriented, or allow a bad day to stop our development. In such cases, the existence of a coach is invaluable. A session at regular intervals (weekly, bimonthly, and monthly) gives a person the chance to remember the big picture; to reconnect with own external goals and to become more aware of the internal resources he/she already has gathered to help realize them.

When the focus on the future is lacking, usually a person will default to the feelings, beliefs and perspectives that have been accumulated from the past. And when the past – and not the future – defines the choices in the present, it will recycle the same predictable results and therefore the same predictable problems, again and again.

Working with a Coach will give individuals access to a reliable technology for identifying the future they want, and then allow them to guide their thoughts and actions- and most importantly – the way they will feel. As they begin to cultivate beliefs and make choices that is consistent with the future they want to live, they will be able to identify the chances and capabilities that were always there, but were impeded by a blurred perspective.


Coaching is an extremely satisfying career choice at every level.

The focus of coaching is not on fixing the customers, but on empowering them to arrive at their own conclusions and solutions that will lead them to better, fuller and richer lives. Each one of us was born with an internal guidance system which, if followed, would lead us to realize our wishes. By showing your clients how to reconnect and direct this inner wisdom, you help them to return to alignment with their higher goals. The Coach is simply the conduit through which these shifts of consciousness occur.

Nevertheless, besides the satisfaction and completion that every contact with a customer will give you, this profession also offers the opportunity to earn a significant income per day.

If you decide to be the owner of your coaching business, you will have the freedom to set your own charge, set your own schedule and select the number of customers you want to see on a given day. Still, you can work from the comfort of your home or from almost any location in the world. The lifestyle you will enjoy as a professional coach is unlimited in flexibility and financial reward. A study conducted last year by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in 137 countries, on behalf of the International Coach Federation (ICF), reveals that the average professional Coach gains 180 euros per hour.

Beyond that, however, it is a path that encourages your personal constant growth and expansion, because it is impossible to support others to realize their full potential without realizing and expanding your own.

Another advantage worth noting is that it is not necessary (nor recommended) to stop the job you are doing today and to jump into your new career. Instead, you can smoothly transition to your new job, perhaps by working part time, up until you have a good sense of your new profession and fill ready to make the move.


The True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy program is divided into 8 modules, 40 lessons, 11 live (virtual) session with your trainer. Here below are some of the topics that will be discussed:

Module 1: Strong and Effective Coaching Skills

When you have finished this first module, you will have all the basic skills required to be an excellent coach and you will be able to start working with clients – for a fee, if you choose to.

Topics that will be taught:

  • Basic capabilities and code of conduct applicable to all coaches
  • The skills required to become an excellent coach
  • How a coaching session usually works: from start to end
  • How to co-create a productive relationship with your customers
  • Challenges the coach faces and how to overcome them
  • How to be an authentic coach with your own style
  • How to define the “ideal customer” and how to attract him/her
  • When to refer a customer to another specialist, and how to “dismiss” a client

Module 2, 3, 4: The True-Me® Breakthrough Coaching Method

The True-me® method seeks to lead the individual to fulfillment by mobilizing all his/her capabilities. This can be achieved by opening the channel for cooperation and connection between one’s spiritual and cognitive entity. The method provides information, techniques and procedures oriented toward a systematic and organized awakening of the individual into a new, more productive way of thinking and acting, which in turn, may lead to a desirable and happy daily experience. More specifically:

Module 2: True-Me® Breakthrough Coaching I

You will learn how to support your clients acquire a deep knowledge of their true desires, the way of thinking that supports or hinders their current results and the values that determine their experiences.

Topics that will be taught:

  • How the brain works
  • Determining the deep issue of the client
  • How to set a productive and empowered goal
  • Beliefs – positive and limiting
  • How to create empowering beliefs
  • Values and anti-values

Module 3: True-Me® Breakthrough Coaching II

You will gain awareness and release the obstacles you identified in module 2. The effort will focus on supporting the clients to align the desired action with the inner self – that possesses all the knowledge and wisdom the individuals need – so that they get oriented in shaping the purpose of their lives and releasing whatever currently impedes them.

Topics that will be taught:

  • Emotions and their role in our lives
  • Breakthrough technology to release negative emotions and negative beliefs
  • Identifying and integrating the future that the client desires to experience

Module 4: True-Me® Breakthrough Coaching III

You will help your clients formulate rules and behaviors that will lead them to choose the identity they desire to embrace, followed by action strategies that will support the systematic achievement of their objectives.

Topics that will be taught:

  • Needs
  • Rules
  • Identity

Module 5: The seven basic laws of the universe

In this section, you will be trained in 7 basic universal laws and you will learn specific processes to guide your clients to the results they want to achieve. Moreover, you will experience a personal transformation that will further help you to be your best self, and therefore, the best coach for your clients.

Topics that will be taught:

  • Processes to work with your clients and help them -step by step- to acquire clarity about any issue that is bothering them and create success in their lives
  • Ad-hoc topics that your clients can bring to a session, and how to cope effectively as a coach.

Module 6: Clarity and Empowerment

The purpose of this module is for you to learn and implement ways to support your clients set up an internal dialogue, so that they can align with their own true goals. That is, you will learn strategies, procedures and techniques that will transform your clients’ lives directly and deeply.

Topics that will be taught:

  • The art of meditation and its implementation
  • Trust and its role in achieving goals
  • The inner child and the subpersonalities
  • Future Visioning

Module 7: Putting it all together

In this module, our students will have the opportunity to put together all the knowledge received and put it into practice in real live sessions. Our step by step method will be reviewed, and the capabilities and skills needed will be practiced, to the benefit of the coaches and their clients.

Module 8: Building a successful business

Topics that will be taught:

  • How to offer your coaching services
  • Making your coaching company’s marketing strategy and plan
  • How to present yourself as a specialist
  • Your personal path for a profitable business

The 12 live sessions (virtual) will provide with the opportunity to meet your trainer, ask questions and share your thoughts. It will also provide with the opportunity to meet your co-students, and to create a community of solidarity and support that will last for a lifetime.


Our program will provide a certification by the True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy. The program takes 12 months – time to complete the teaching modules – plus 4 months for completion of all the requirements needed to get certified.

We know very well that most of you have a busy life. That’s why the program was designed to fit your intense schedules and allows you to learn what you need from the comfort of your home – anywhere you might be in the world. To receive your training, the True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy offers a on-line program: You will be given a code to get access to a platform and connect with a class.

The classes are 60-90 minutes long, You are required to listen to 40 classes that has been recorded for your convenience. And participate in 11 live sessions with your trainer, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions,and practise some processes. You will also have to submit 10 recorded coaching sessions, as well as 10 assignments. Overall time you will need to invest to become a certified coach is very personal, but it would be safe to say that 2-3 hours per week will be expected.

You will be assigned to a mentor to ensure that all the processes of getting certified are clear to you. Moreover, you will be participating in a pod group, that is, a group of co-students, so as to practice your coaching learnings and get supported. You will never be left alone in this effort!

Moreover, given the demanding life we all conduct, the program foresees that participants will be able to complete all their obligations up to four months after the end of the course. Ideally, you will have submitted all the work and you will be ready to receive the test that will lead you to certification at the end of the 12 months. However, if necessary, you will be able to deliver all the remaining work and the final exam during the following four months. After many years of using the material and technologies we are going to teach you, we have found that this period allows a comfortable pace of learning and assimilation of the material, before the students are ready to fully implement what they have been taught and move on to their next step in their coaching career.

The True-Me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy (TBCA) is one of the most comprehensive and transforming coaching programs currently offered, with emphasis on effective clients’ empowerment and development. All the written materials are in English. The investment to this course for October 2021- October 2022 is 3,200 euros. It is important to know that you do not need any other training to get a valid certification as an international coach. This certification is sufficient. Everything you need is included in the price of the program: such as manuals, worksheets, mentors, recordings. The only other small cost is the books that will be suggested to you: they cost about 60 euros and it is guaranteed that they will be a treasure for your library.

Next Starting Date: A New Course Starts OCTOBER 6, 2021. For information write to

Next Finishing day: 12 months After Start of Course – subject of submitting all requirements for Certification


The Fees for this program are 3,200 Euros.

Alternative payments:

  • One payment of 3,200 Euros
  • 4 payments of 825 euros per month, for the first 4 consecutive months of the program
  • 8 payments of 425 euros per month, for the first 8 consecutive months of the program
  • Payments can be made by direct transfer to a bank account, credit card or paypal.

After registration is completed, you will be sent access to the platform of the Academy were you will find a detailed instruction manual with all the information and the dates you will need to know before starting your studies.

If you have any questions, send an email to

You may decide to join the program because you have a great desire to offer your support to others, for your own personal development or because you want to create a successful and profitable business. Whatever it is, I invite you to respond to the call, because I know the empowerment, the joy and the freedom that coaching can bring to you. This is your opportunity to give yourself unparalleled expansion and become aware of your true potential. What is certain is that you will be uplifted to a higher level of daily creation.


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4 payment option

Cost: €3,300
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8 Payment Option

Cost: €3,400
(8 monthly installments of €425)

Payments can be made by direct transfer to a bank account, credit card or paypal.

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