Inspirational Testimonials from
Students & Graduates

“It is a personal journey, for personal development…another status of life, joy of life. I think this program is very well scheduled, with very high quality material… and the personality of Nicole is very important for me on this decision.

Whilst I will solely recommend this program, I think, again, that it is the personality of Nicole that is important and it is the crucial point to help you decide to follow this program or another program”.

– Martha Mylona, Senior Principal Κornferry

“This program will not only prepare you to be an excellent coach, it also supports you in transforming your own life. Through breaking away from limiting believes and letting go of your ego self that is just a creation of the mind. You learn how to live your life through your authentic self, not lead by the outside world. That is why I recommend this program to everyone who wants to become a successful life coach or whomever wants to set yourself ready for a new way of living your life.”

– Veroniek, Founder of Silatha

“I decided to register in the True-me®Academy as an inner desire to progress myself, to work better within my organization, but within my family as well. To see if there is a possibility to help other people as well, and be able to make this world a better place.

I would recommend the True-me® Academy, because I believe that it is really helpful, first of all, for ourselves. If we decide that this is something that really help other people, we can focus on making this world a better place”.

– Efi Dikastopoulou, Managing Director

“I joined the program to enjoy life, to be happy with the people I love, and to achieve my personal and professional goals.

I enjoy the pod groups because I get to know people that are in a similar journey with me. Also, I enjoy the skype calls, because I have the opportunity to focus on myself, ask questions and learn on my own pace”

Yes, I would recommend the program because it is in fact, an invitation to get in touch with your inner self. I had a personal journey with Nicole, through some personal coaching. I trust her as a person. It is a great experience that I would recommend”.

– Dimitra Brakatselou, Human Resources Director

“I believe that in order to help others you need to have a specific methodology behind that. And having gone through the program, I read a lot of things that trigger my mind in a way that I believed that I will gain all the knowledge I needed in order to help others, and also to continue my self-development journey.

I believe that the great asset of this course is that it is mostly based on authenticity… on awakening that authentic part of yourself, and through that, bringing out all the talents, along with the methodology, in order to be able to help, first yourself self-develop, and then help others.

I would strongly recommend this program to people who are in the same journey, who are really caring about helping themselves develop and also helping others, because I believe that in this program they will be able to find their own answers and they will find their own guidelines …of course through the amazing help of the academy and Nicole as a person, more specifically… and become a great coach themselves in order to help this world feel better in general”.

– Vaggelis Tassopoulos, Creative Director and Vice President MD

“It is an opportunity for me to recognize myself, to find, deeply, my energy my personality, and after that, to find the right process, the platform, in order to give the potential to other people… in order to feel completion, to find the way to make their lives better.”

….So, feel the power, feel the energy of True-me® Academy, give to yourself the chance, the opportunity to join us and to become a bigger community, helping, supporting, guiding to energy, to light, to happiness”

– Christina Poulou, Managing Director

“The academy asks you to see inside of you, in order to become a better you, and then, that better you, can really coach somebody else. And this is the magical point about the True-me® Breakthrough Coaching Academy”.

I would definitely recommend the Academy because it involves and it incorporates in a magical way a lot of knowledge. It is not just about theory, it is about practicing on you, and then, on others.

– Anna Exarchea, Financial Sector Director

“I felt from the beginning, when I went to the web site, that it can give me what is says it is going to give me. That helped me to make the right decision, and get on the program right away.

Our coach, as well as the academy, are very professional. What they are doing, they are doing to the best of their ability, and so, they can give a push to people that need our help”

– Maria Tofaridou

“Teaching is an ART. Its success depends upon the approach of the teacher, who is to cover the human relation emotionally, who elicits feelings of trust, faith and conveys the knowledge.

Nicole comprises of all the above, and transfers you to a different world with a magic, yet realistic way. And the results are amazing! A source of life! The right person in the right place. Congratulations.”

– A.B., Director, Education System

“What was impressive to us about the executives program of true-me® was the immediate abolition of behaviors that created the problem with the particular associate. Positivity, cooperation and tolerance replaced negativity, centralization and rigidity. The anxiety was replaced by confidence and flexibility in finding solutions. This change had a direct and decisive influence on the total team’s performance”

– Multinational Corporation, Service Industry

“The changes we observed in our employees have been quite remarkable. Changes that included behaviors that created conflicts, delays and nonproductive interaction, but also changes that referred to the holistic approach towards their field of responsibility, their managers, subordinates and peers. The comments collected from the environment during the sessions, but also after the completion of the program indicated a 180-degree shift in behaviors for those who participated in it. These individuals appeared more empowered, more confident, more energetic and willing to cooperate for the achievement of common goals. The most impressive of all has been the short period in which the change occurred. We recommend the Executive and Corporate services of true-me® unconditionally, and seek to cultivate a permanent cooperation with them, to enable other members to benefit from it.”

– Multination corporation, food and drinks industry